Integrative Agent as Energy Supplier of Distributed Energy Resources at The Distribution Level

Luis Alejandro Arias Barragán, Edwin Rivas Trujillo, Francisco Santamaria


Context: It has been observed the incipient development of the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in electricity markets at the distribution level.

Method: DER participation by an integrator agent is proposed. The integrator agent allows DER to participate as suppliers of energy to the network operator and / or the energy market at the distri-bution level. Sequence diagrams and mathematical formulas were proposed, for fixing the price of energy by relying on a case study.

Results: The results show the feasibility of the integrator agent to participate as a supplier of elec-tricity to the distribution network.

Conclusions: Applications using cloud computing allow users to access information on the DER agent resources in general and to the state of the network demands. Pricing schemes proposed al-low DER participation through the integrating agent as a supplier of energy.


agente integrador; recursos energéticos distribuidos; mercado de la energía; red de distribución; planta virtual de potencia


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