Modelo mínimo modificado de la diabetes para simular niveles de glucosa e insulina

Minimal model modified of the diabetes to simulate glucose and insulin levels

  • Alejandro Duitama Leal
  • Andrei Alain González Galeano
  • Javier Hernán Gil Gómez
Palabras clave: Diabetes, Glucose, Insulin, Ackerman Model, Minimal Model (en_US)
Palabras clave: Diabetes, Glucosa, Insulina, Modelo de Ackerman, Modelo mínimo (es_ES)

Resumen (es_ES)

Debido a la importancia que actualmente tiene la diabetes como enfermedad que se perfila ser una pandemia a nivel mundial, se hace necesario estudiar y comprender, desde difere

Resumen (en_US)

Due to the importance that diabetes is nowadays, a disease that is worldwide nominated as a pandemic, it is necessary to study and understand from different disciplines the processes that are involved in a better identification and treatment of it. Thus the mathematical modeling of the glucose and insulin levels present in the body was done making a modification of the minimal model, to consider exogenous variations of the glucose and insulin levels. For that, the study was based on the work done by Ackerman and the minimal model, and the system of differential equations connected (SDEC) was modified in order to include a gradual exogenous increase of the glucose and insulin amount. The approximate solution of the SDEC was obtained using the Runge Kutta method of fourth order and it was compared with the reported experimental results, finding a good behavior. Based on the experimental curve, different cases were modeled where the insulin and glucose amount varies, and for each case, the group of corresponding curves was analyzed according to the insulin and glucose amount respectively. It was found that small increases of the glucose amount causes an increase of the insulin production and this is because the body increases the insulin production to regulate it to the normal levels. 


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Duitama Leal, A., González Galeano, A. A., & Gil Gómez, J. H. (2016). Modelo mínimo modificado de la diabetes para simular niveles de glucosa e insulina. Visión electrónica, 10(2), 190-194.
Publicado: 2016-12-20
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