Code of Ethics and Good Conduct


INGENIERÍA Journal advocates and defends the universal principles of good conduct in scientific publication, in particular, those referring to respect for the community, respect for the selfless and voluntary work of peer reviewers and editors, as well as respect to intellectual property. Regarding the latter, INGENIERÍA Journal does not tolerate behaviours related to plagiarism of previously published material and strives to honor to the maximum extent the copyrights and patents and reproduction rights. Likewise, the Journal seeks to observe the moral rights of third parties, in addition it will establish the necessary processes to avoid and to resolve the possible conflicts of interest that can exist in the publications.

Inappropriate Behaviour Not Tolerated By Journal

1.  Wrongly addressed submission intended to other journal different to INGENIERIA Journal.

2.  Plagiarism or self-plagiarism.

3.  Simultaneous submission of a manuscript to several journals.

4.  Unjustified withdraw of a submitted manuscript due to unfavourable reviews.

5.  Unjustified abandonment of submission at any stage of the process: verification of submission conditions, peer-review process or layout and final proof adjustments.

6. Excessive use of self-citation, both from own publications and from previous publications of INGENIERÍA Journal.

Penalties For Inappropriate Behaviour

1.  Official communication sent to the authors indicating the misconduct, requesting a letter of apology addressed to the Editorial Committee, Scientific and/or peer reviewers.

2.  Notification sent to the Colombian Network of Engineering Journals (Red Colombiana de Revistas de Ingeniería) reporting the case of misconduct with evidences.

3.  Official communication sent to author’s affiliated or financing institutions informing about the misconduct.

4. Retraction of the paper in case it has been published, notifying this decision publicly in the editorial pages of the Journal and in an official letter addressed to the entities of institutional affiliation of the authors.

5. Application of a publication veto to the authors in the Journal during a period determined by the Editorial Board according to the seriousness of the misconduct.

6. Notification of the case and the result of the investigation to the competent authorities, in case the good will of the Universidad Distrital FJC or the INGENIERIA Journal is compromised.

Procedure in Case of Suspicion of Plagiarism and Duplicate Publication 

INGENIERIA Journal will follow the guidelines established by the Publications Ethics Committee (COPE) to handle unethical issues or behaviours:

Suspicion of plagiarism in a submitted manuscript

Suspicion of plagiarism in a published paper

Suspicion of duplicate publication in a submitted manuscript

Suspicion of a duplicate publication in a published paper

*It is possible to view the document in: Code of Good Conduct