Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to pay to be published?

No. The peer-reviewing process is free.

Is this an indexed journal?

Yes, it is. It is classified in category B, by Publindex-Colciencias. Other citation indexes in which it is included are: Redalyc, SciELO, Latindex, ERA, and MLA. It is listed in the directories Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, EBSCO Publishing, DOAJ, and SHERPA/RoMEO.

What types of manuscripts does Colombian Applied Linguistics Journal consider?

The CALJ is mainly concerned with disseminating research articles, pedagogical innovations and theoretical reviews relevant to the field of applied linguistics and language education.   

What are the main topics you publish?

The CALJ is an academic and research forum to publicize studies that explore language teaching in a social amalgam, that is, in a complexity of social values and beliefs. It is also a way to construct locally relevant knowledge attempting to transform environments in which social injustice is perpetuated. It is focused not only on showing “opportunities for optimal conditions for desired learning…, but also to engage teachers in alternative pedagogical methods that are equity and justice focused” (Kohli et al, p. 9 ; 2015, Kumaravadivelu, 2003, p. 6 as cited in Buendía & Macias, 2019). The journal can be an opportunity to share local thinking with the global academic community so that both (the local and global community) may contribute to enriching language and teaching practices for a vantage point that goes rather beyond the practice of the language per se.

How do I prepare my manuscript? Is there a template for me to follow?

Yes. You can download our template here. Some aspects to keep in mind are:

  • Manuscripts are peer-reviewed. You can find more information about such process here.
  • Language: The text could be written in Spanish or English.  
  • Citation style: APA (latest Edition)
  • Font: Times New Roman (size: 12). Double-space the entire document. Spaces between words or after full stops and colons should be a single space.
  • Title: Use lower case, capitalize only the first letter of every word except prepositions and do not extend beyond two lines.  
  • The article and the supplementary files must be uploaded to our website.

Who will review my article?

At least two scholars will do a blind reading. They are generally experts on the field who will have a look at your article and give you some feedback. Also, the Editorial Team will provide you with suggestions to improve your text. After the article is approved, a proofreader will have a look at it as well.