Acercamiento hacia un modelo de convergencia entre ip, atm y wdm

Toward model for ip, atm and wdm convergence

  • Andrés Lombo Carrasquilla Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas
  • Gloria Esperanza Becerra Forigua Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas
Keywords: Convergencia, IP (Protocolo de Internet), ATM (Modo de Transferencia Asícnrono), WDM (Multiplexación por División de Longitud de Onda), MPLS (Conmutación MultiProtocolo por Etiquetas), Modelo Funcional Latinoamérica (es_ES)

Abstract (es_ES)

The paper shows a convergence overview among the most used technologies for services, access and information transport in Latin America. The required methodology is stated and referenced for a convergence functional model formulation oriented to the first three interconnection levels (physical, link and network). This work wants to establish the steps for a deeper convergence study that allows having standards about the convenience of one option or another.


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Lombo Carrasquilla, A., & Becerra Forigua, G. E. (1999). Toward model for ip, atm and wdm convergence. Ingeniería, 5(2), 37-46.
Published: 1999-11-30
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