A Design Of A Mesoband High Power Electromagnetic Radiator Using A Switched Oscillator And A Corona Current Generator

  • José Félix Vega Stavro Universidad Nacional De Colombia
  • Farhad Rachidi Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL)
  • Nestor Peña Universidad De Los Andes
  • Francisco Román Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Palabras clave: Corona, current generator, mesoband, oscillator, radiator (es_ES)

Resumen (es_ES)

This paper presents a design of a mesoband high power electromagnetic radiator using a coaxial switched oscillator and a corona current generator. First, we present an FDTD simulation of the switched oscillator and compared the obtained numerical results to the analytical equation derived by Baum. It is found that the analytical equation is able to reproduce accurately the applied voltage to the antenna. We also describe a coaxial design of a corona current generator that can be used as a source to the switched oscillator. The generator provides a natural DC isolation between the radiating system and the primary source, and is able to produce pulses with amplitudes in the order of a few kA and with rise times of a few nanoseconds.


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Vega Stavro, J. F., Rachidi, F., Peña, N., & Román, F. (2007). A Design Of A Mesoband High Power Electromagnetic Radiator Using A Switched Oscillator And A Corona Current Generator. Ingeniería, 13(1), 4 - 7. https://doi.org/10.14483/23448393.2083
Publicado: 2007-11-30
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