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Colombian Applied Linguistics Journal, CALJ, is mainly concerned with disseminating completed and ongoing research, pedagogical innovations, and theoretical reviews relevant to the field of applied linguistics and language education. CALJ is a publication of the School of Sciences and Education at the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas.

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Posted: 2014-01-13
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Vol 15, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Amparo Clavijo Olarte 152-155

Research Articles

Anaphoric resources in expository texts produced by children: The impact of a didactic sequence PDF
Verónica Sánchez, María Dolores Plana, María Elena Benítez 156-165
Writing skill enhancement when creating narrative texts through the use of collaborative writing and the Storybird Web 2.0 tool* PDF
Yeison Edgardo Herrera 166-183
Unveiling social awareness through literacy practices in an EFL class PDF
Luzmel Alexánder Pérez 184-204
Working by projects: A way to enrich critical thinking and the writing process in a third grade eflclassroom PDF
Sandra Dolores Ruiz 205-220
El habla como expresión de la cultura popular* PDF
Yineth Riaño Bayona 221-233
Literature in efL: Beyond language learning PDF
Luis Jesús Rincón 234-246
The use of new technologies among in-service Colombian ELT teachers * PDF
Jermaine McDougald 247-264
An investigation into how EFL learners emotionally respond to teachers’ oral corrective feedback PDF
Juan de Dios Martínez 265-278

Theoretical Discussion Papers

Autoethnography as a research method: Advantages, limitations and criticisms PDF
Mariza G. Méndez 279-287

Reflections on Praxis

The componential analysis of literary meaning PDF
Khadija Belfarhi 288-301
Cuerpos e identidades on line: construcción de identidades corporales en el chat PDF
Luz Marilyn Ortiz 302-309

Book Review

English with an accent: Language, ideology, and discrimination in the United States PDF
Elizabeth Lawrence 310-311
Narratives of place, belonging and language: An intercultural perspective PDF
María Iliana Castillo 312-314

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